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Snow along the shores of Buzzard’s Bay

  After a mild winter, February has pummeled the coast of Buzzard’s Bay with numerous storms. These vistas of snow cover trees along the shore fade quickly, as the salt air melts the frosting like coat of ice.

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I first picked up Max from a rescue in the summer of 2001. He has been my companion through some of the most painful, isolated and lonely times of my last decade. On Thursday morning at 3:30 in the morning, … Continue reading

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Fire across the bay

Yesterday someone was doing some burning, Actually, a lot of burning. A plume of smoke drifted south from the source, in a cove. It made for a very different vista across the bay.

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Fairhaven Memorial Church after the storm

The Fairhaven Memorial Church after the winter storm More photos of the church decked out in the snow.

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Winter Storm on Buzzard’s Bay, February, 2013

A winter storm arrived on the first week of February, came in on a Friday and lingered through to Saturday eve. Many homes lost power,mine was one. The wind meter on my home read at 51 knots before it was … Continue reading

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Amaryllis in the sun

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