Winter Storm on Buzzard’s Bay, February, 2013


A winter storm arrived on the first week of February, came in on a Friday and lingered through to Saturday eve. Many homes lost power,mine was one. The wind meter on my home read at 51 knots before it was ripped off it’s mount in the dark of night. I found it the next day in a snow drift. The house was cold, dark, and shook from the blustering easterly wind.  The fire in the fireplace was not enough to plunge the house below 50 degrees, and falling.carls_house_storm

I went out to find the meter in the eve, and was buffeted by ice pelts ripping at over fifty miles and hour. It was dark, very cold, and hurt like hell as I was peppered by ice shards.


The next day revealed a number of trees, ripped out by their roots, or snapped clean off. I learned years ago that you cannot get too attached to any tree in a coastal zone, virtually every tree that was in the yard thirty years ago is now gone, through storm damage



As twilight arrived,the wind fell off, and the sun came out just in time to color the bay with the warmth of its setting glow.

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1 Response to Winter Storm on Buzzard’s Bay, February, 2013

  1. I remember the name Buzzard’s Bay. My grandparents had a cottage on Horseneck beach. I was only about 6 years old, so I don’t remember everything but… I loved the tidepools down by the ocean. All kinds of interesting things in there–starfish, sea spiders, hermit crabs, etc. And I loved the foggy mornings, so mysterious. Good memories. Oh and, when I was inside the cottage, my grandfather paid me a nickel for every horsefly I could swat. 😉 When I made a dollar one day, I thought I was rich. They used to point across the water at a place….I think it was Martha’s Vineyard. But I’m not sure. It was a beautiful world up there at the cottage.

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