Osprey settle in for the summer on Buzzard’s Bay


A few weeks ago I sighted two ‪#‎Osprey‬ out on the saltmarsh on Little Bay‪#‎Fairhaven‬.They were quite active, and very close and visible. They often landed in the saltmarsh, or cruised over it looking for fish. Normally Osprey stay away from human habitat.
Last week I noticed that they had built a nest on a large boulder directly across on the other shore. There are empty Osprey poles to the north and south. Since then the two are now easily seen atop their boulder Fledglings should be able to be seen soon.


About danamorris

Dana manages B2B inbound marketing, lead generation and digital marketing. Photography, Sailing, travel and Illustrations are among his passions. His personal website may be found at http://www.danamorris.net
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