Spirit of Christmas


Our church has a tradition of giving the Christmas poinsettias to those who are unable to attend services. The plant I was to deliver was to a man named Henry, who was in a nursing home in New Bedford.

At the nursing home families were coming and going, with gifts and greetings and smiles.

I said hello to Henry as I entered his room, empty of cards or decorations. He looked up and smiled as I shook his hand and wished him a Merry Christmas. I put the poinsettia on a sunny windowsill, and spoke for a short time, and then wished him one more Merry Christmas as I left.

Putting a smile on his face, wishing him a Merry Christmas, that was the best present I received today….



There is a small Dominican chapel in downtown New Bedford. For years during the holidays I have gone there to enjoy the peace and sanctuary this chapel offers. Candles are lit for who have passed and prayers of thanks are offered. ‪#‎holidayseasongratitude‬

— at Our Lady’s Chapel.

About danamorris

Photography, Sailing, Travel and Illustrations are among his passions. His personal website may be found at http://www.danamorris.net
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