As each year passes, I think that the memories will fade, but instead they have become more clear. Confusion, despair and the fearful unknown of 2001 have become iconic memories.

Jenny sobbing in unfathomable despair, her hands to her face to hide the tears from her colleagues, the TV in the lobby of the hotel displaying horrific images of death.

Driving from Toronto to Logan Airport where my car sat behind yellow tape.

Early morning on 7th street, street vendors selling American flag lapel pins.

Wearing those pins onto our drive to DC, where our next presentation was held.

Prayers for all those who lost their lives, and the countless others who lost something precious that day.


About danamorris

Dana manages B2B inbound marketing, lead generation and digital marketing. Photography, Sailing, travel and Illustrations are among his passions. His personal website may be found at
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