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Summertime‬ ‪flowers‬ in bloom

‪#‎Summertime‬ ‪#‎flowers‬ in bloom

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‪Sunlight‬ breaking through the morning mist, Monday morning on LittleBay, ‪Fairhaven‬, MA ‪BuzzardsBay‬

‪#‎Sunlight‬ breaking through the fog, Monday morning on LittleBay,‪#‎Fairhaven‬, MA ‪#‎BuzzardsBay‬

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Summer sunrise over BuzzardsBay, Fairhaven July 1st, 2016

Summer sunrise over BuzzardsBay Fairhaven July 1st, 2016

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Fairhaven‬ skyline from sailing‬ brigantine ‎Fritha‬

‪‎Fairhaven‬ skyline from aboard ‪sailing‬ brigantine vessel ‪‎Fritha‬

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