I have painted, photographed and sailed Vineyard Sound and Buzzard’s Bay for most of my life. For the last 27 years aboard my Cape Dory sailing vessel: Yuletide. We have been in virtually every harbor from Newport to Nantucket. Yuletide spends her summers on Lake Tashmoo, Martha’s Vineyard where the parade of vessels is never ending, and the currents always swift…. Winters are spent in Fairhaven, the town I call home. I belong to the Fairhaven Memorial Church, and enjoy the beautiful cathedral in the months that I cannot sail.

I have worked in technology marketing my entire life. I have a master’s in educational media and technology from Boston University, and today work at Egenera Software. I developed my first website seventeen years ago, and have been deeply involved in the fast paced world of electronic marketing ever since. I have a great attraction to the potential that the internet provides, bringing people together in so many different ways.


3 Responses to About

  1. Richard Alcott says:

    Wow! Your photos truly capture the feeling of these wonderful unique gunk-holes and local yankee favorites, captured just at that perfect special moment. You have reminded us of how lucky we are to live here and that we all need to take more time to enjoy our special lives here. Thank you Dana for sharing these wonderful photos with us!
    PS: How do you keep the birds off your mast and messing on your deck?

  2. Technology marketing – an interesting field that I imagine has only gotten more interesting. A nephew of mine graduated from BU 2 years ago. He’s currently working, taking a few classes and saving up to further his writing with a MA. My niece is in her sophomore year at BU as well and absolutely loves the area.
    As a child, my family vacationed at Martha’s Vineyard – gorgeous up there. And in Cape Cod, I fell in love with clam cakes – which if memory serves were heavy, fried dough balls with a bit of clam in them – yum 🙂
    Your images are spectacular…

  3. David Rinaldi says:

    Dana, I am new to sailing, but I enjoy it and plan to get a dinghy sailboat soon. I’m planning on a 14-17′ boat with a centerboard and 2-4 hp motor. I’ve been looking into moorings. The only ones available in my area are in Buzzards Bay. Is this too small of a boat for Buzzard’s Bay, given what I’ve read about the currents and waves ? If not, what are the smoothest harbors along the western shore ? Are these harbors large enough to sail if it’s fairly rough in BB itself ? Thanks

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